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Our range of aggregates are suitable for a variety of building work, with quality products you are guaranteed a quality and long lasting finish.

Our sand products include soft sand, (suitable for bricklaying and pointing, leaving a smooth finish), sharp sand, (suitable for laying paving or mixing in cement along with gravel), both of these are available in fine or coarse variations to further tailor the products to your needs.

If you need a stronger product, our range of ballast is a mix of sand, gravel and stone and is ideal for the jobs that need some strength such as building foundations, installing fence posts etc.

To add a decorative touch to your driveway, potted plants or additional drainage to the base of you drainpipes, pea shingle is the perfect product for you. Pea shingle is a versatile material that can be practical and appealing in appearance too.



Pea Shingle