Building Industry Out of the Gloom?

Is the Building industry started the climb out of the recession?

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Are we seeing signs that the British economy is starting to come out of the doom and gloom that any recession breeds? Building Merchants are seeing for the first time, since the rise out of the last recession, that certain building products are starting to be difficult to source. The better the economy, the more housebuilding goes on, the more that this occurs, the more products are needed.

Building Industry Sourcing Issues

We are seeing that concrete blocks, which are the staple diet of any building company, difficult to source, in some areas of the country there is a delay and recently of about three weeks to get this product.

Cement has been another product that has been difficult to source.

Why is this happening? When builders, house builders and other large scale projects increase, they need these basic products and as a result the end users for every day projects, like house extensions, retainer walls etc. then find that they are hard to source and delays in delivery are often experienced.

Builders Merchants in Surrey

We have excellent contacts across the building supplies companies in the UK. We even source direct from the manufacturers, so if you are experiencing any delays that could effect your bottom line, get in touch with us and let get you your products and suppliers, when YOU want them.

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